Metaverse Trade Daegu Daegu Techno Park

Sungbupack Metaverse

You can find more information on the SungbuPack within the metaverse.

Metaverse Use

Metaverse Usage Guide

  • Operational Information

    Operation of corporate information booths in Metaverse, Private room operation, CS operation

  • Operating period

    2023. 02. 13~

  • Target to be used

    Overseas buyers and customers interested in exporting companies


Booth Location

  1. 1 Select Exhibition Hall 1 after entering the Metaverse Hall.
  2. 2 Check booth location


How to operate

  • Step 01

    You can move with the lower left movement button.

  • Step 02

    You can switch the screen
    with a touch or a mouse.

  • Step 03

    If you are using the keyboard,
    you can move wich the arrow keys.

cautionYou can access the metaverse after registering as a member.