This is Sungbu Pack Co., Ltd.

Since our company started as an automatic packaging machine company in 1996,
thanks to your support,We are growing and developing into a reliable company based on the best technology and abundant know-how.
Our company includes quality reliability, delivery compliance, and immediate after-sales service.
We are doing our best to make sure that we can use it at the right price you want.
In addition, we focus on customizing functionality and practicality, excellent price and quality, and can respond immediately with one phone call.
The volume is increasing due to the service, and our executives and employees are working hard.
We will continue to make efforts to improve quality and do our best to impress our customers.

Thank you.

Park Joo-beom, CEO of Sungwoo Pack Co., Ltd.

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  • Vision

    On the world stage
    Stick pouch supply
    a doubling company

  • Policy

    Global, creative, and communication management
    Customer Commitment First
    Action-oriented, customer-centered, and human-centered

  • Goals

    Quality defect rate of 3% or less,
    Achieve 100% customer satisfaction,
    Achieve 100% customer delivery compliance,
    Achieve 100% compliance with environmental regulations



  • Manager
  • Overseas sales
  • Design
  • Production
  • Quality


  • Patent

    Mounted in the stick pouch manufacturing equipment, a movable hopper
  • Design registration

    Beverage stick type poucha wrapping machine
  • Design registration

    packing pouch
  • Design registration

    packing pouch
  • ISO Certificate

    Environmental Management System 14001
  • ISO Certificate

    Quality Management System 9001
  • Confirmation of specialized companies

    Confirmation letter of a company specializing in materials, parts, and equipment
  • A letter of recognitions

    Recognition of R&D department